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Catch da Flava On-Line is a collection of on-line articles written by the FOCUS Media Art Centre's community of journalists. Selected articles are republished in monthly issues of the Regent Park Community Newspaper as well as other appropriate publications. View archive.

Latest IssueCatch da Flava Magazine was a print magazine that was produced by young people and serves as a forum for Regent Park youth to engage with the larger community and express their views on a wide range of issues. The title "Catch da Flava" speaks to the diversity of stories, experience, opinions and cultural backgrounds of young people. Each issue had a print run of 5,000 copies and were circulated to community groups and retail stores in Regent Park. The magazine was also distributed to groups across the downtown core of Toronto. View archive.

Latest IssueBe Scene Magazine, is a youth publication project modeled after Catch da Flava Youth Magazine. The publication was initiated in 2008 by FOCUS Media Arts Centre in partnership with the Flemingdon Health Centre and serves the neighbourhoods of O'Connor-Parkview, Thorncliffe Park, and Flemingdon Park. Be Scene serves as a forum for youth to creatively express themselves, learn media literacy skills, and engage critically and powerfully in community life. View archive.


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