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The Regent Park Focus Underground Music Recording Studio Program provides local youth with the opportunity to gain skills and experience in creating, mixing and mastering their own recorded material. Youth participants create lyrics on the issues that matter to them and learn from music industry professionals in an on-site music recording studio and isolated vocal booth.

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The following are music tracks produced by youth, using the Regent Park Focus Music Recording Studio. The youth are trained by professionals in the music recording industry.

2009 - Summer - Group Tracks

Title Duration Download
Beat - Alex 1:12min
Theme - Alex 1:16min
Hardcore Beat (Instrumental) - Demar 1:49min
Beat Suite (Instrumental) - Dillon 1:39min
I Know - Ice 5:12min
Ice (Instrumental) - Shemar 2:34min
Speed Sonata la 2 (Instrumental) - Ronald 1:14min
Beat Suite (Instrumental) - Shema 1:26min
Soon To Be (Instrumental) - Jermaine 1:46min
World Of Mine (Instrumental) - Tre 3:47min
Squared (Instrumental) - Treay 1:36min
War Theme (Instrumental) - Dillon 4:18min

2008 - Summer - Group Tracks

Title Duration Download
Samson Gil - Feelings 1:34min
Tre - 70's Song 1:37min
Kim Nguyen - I Want You To Be Happy 2:35min
Samira Mohamud - Beat Medley 4:17min
Andrew Nguyen - Untitled 1:23min
Kenisha Williams - Damn You 3:51min
Isaac Vernon - Dance Wig 2:47min
Samson Gil - Mothers Tears 1:25min
Suming Feng - Lesson 1:44min
Kemisha Williams - Give Me A Chance 3:33min
Bessy Habtom - Bessy's Song 3:52min
Cindy Quan - Piano Beat 1:24min
Tylor Belgrove - Tylor's Beat 1:34min

2008 - Spring - Group Tracks

Title Duration Download
School is Such a Bummer 1:35min
Candy's Sweet 1:37min
Diverse 2:35min
See Me in The Mirror 4:17min
Wish Summer Would Come Faster 1:23min
I Like The Olympics 3:51min
Its A Brand New Day 2:42min
I Don't Want To Be In The School Office 1:25min
My Team Won The Tournament 1:44min
When You Talk About Violence, Stop The Violence 3:33min

2007 - Summer - Group Tracks

Title Duration Download
Take it Back From The TTC 2:50min
History in The Making 2:46min
Brit - Instrumental Beat 2:04min
Gabriel - Instrumental Beat 1:55min
Jamal - Instrumental Beat 2:42min
Jennifer - Instrumental Beat 1:52min
Kaadija - Instrumental Beat 2:11min
Luipa - Instrumental Beat 1:32min
Malaika - Instrumental Beat 1:42min
Sasha - Instrumental Beat with Guitar 4:58min
Sharmalae - Instrumental Beat 4:37min
Shennel - Instrumental Beat 1:50min
Priyanka - Instrumental Beat 1:50min

2007 - South East Asian Services (SEAS)

Title Duration Download
Track 1 2:00min
Track 2 2:20min

2007 - June

Title Duration Download
She Wakes Up At 5am 1:44min
Time 3:28min
Brandon - Anticipating Deaths 2:56min
T-Dogg, Dontray - Living in the Hood is Not That Good 3:27min

2006 - New Generation

Title Duration Download
New Gen - The Ghetto 1:55min
New Gen - Still Huslin' 3:17min
New Gen - My Mom and Me 1:12min
New Gen - I'm So Hot I'm Fire 2:27min

2006 - 2005 - YTZ & CA Crew

Title Duration Download
YTZ - If I Could Choose 4:17min
YTZ - Back Home 3:53min
YTZ - Violence 3:26min
YTZ - Disgusted 4:23min
ICE feat. Jumbo - When Angels Cry 3:57min
CA Crew - Nowadays 3:07min
CA Crew - Holyshmokes 3:41min
CA Crew - The Real 2:28min
CA Crew - I'm Thinkin' 2:10min

If you wish to use any of these sound tracks in a project or video, please remember to credit us "Music Produced at the Regent Park Focus Underground Music Studio".

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