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Empowering Individuals and Communities to Tell Their Own Stories

What is Regent Park TV?

Regent Park TV is a public access, community television station programmed and operated by the FOCUS Media Arts Centre, a not for profit organization. The television station began analog broadcasting in May of 2013 and digitally broadcasting in May of 2016.

Who Operates Regent Park TV?

Focus Media Arts Centre is a not-for-profit organization that facilitates, promotes and produces Regent Park TV. Focus Media Arts Centre also operates Radio Regent, a public access radio station and Regent Park Focus, a multimedia training centre.

Why The Need for A Community Television Station?

Regent Park Focus first proposed the idea for a closed circuit television station for the Regent Park community to the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (then known as the Metro Toronto Housing Authority) almost 13 years ago, in 2000. The impetus for that unsuccessful proposal was an identified community need for effective communication tools to reach tenants living in the Regent Park area. Anecdotal evidence clearly indicated that residents were not receiving information about services in the neighbourhood despite various initiatives and outreach activities conducted by community agencies.

This remains a problem today. Findings from a recent Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) survey of Regent Park residents identified lack of information, especially culturally relevant information, as a key barrier to accessing opportunities offered by local service providers. In the study residents expressed frustration at the lack of information about programs available to them. The study indicated that even populations with a long history in Regent Park had difficulty identifying relevant program offerings.

One of the challenges of communicating with a community of Regent Park’s size and diversity is finding methods to reach as many people as possible in a manner that is engaging, relevant and financial viable. Building on the organization's long history in the neighbourhood and proven media expertise, Regent Park Focus is confronting this challenge with the support of the community.

Today, Regent Park is going through a massive revitalization project. With the installation of new fiber-optic infrastructure in the area and the invaluable partnership of The Daniels Corporation (the developer of Regent Park) and TCHC and funding support from Rogers Communications Inc., as well as equipment funding from The Trillium Foundation, the idea for a community television station has come to fruition. Regent Park Focus is now ready to launch this innovative approach to neighbourhood communications.

How Are Young People Involved?

The Regent Park Television (RPTV) initiative is being used to teach young people (15-29 years) television broadcasting tools, technologies and methodologies. Youth are taught a variety of skills including researching, interviewing, script development, storyboarding, studio camera operations, lighting control, directing, switchboard operating, and digital editing. They also learn valuable social skills such as resource management, negotiation, decision making, problem solving and leadership from their involvement in a youth driven, team environment. The RPTV mentorship program is interactive, creative and a great learning experience for interested youth. For more information on how youth can get involved click here.

What kind of content is produced?

Regent Park Television (RPTV) is dedicated to providing a free listing of community events and producing content in a variety of formats including animation, news shows, documentaries, public service announcements, talk shows, spoken word, short dramas, music videos, and airing of community events and live radio shows. No matter what the format, RPTV provides an exciting opportunity for youth and adult community members to share stories, voice experiences, explore issues and profile the cultural life of the Regent Park community.

What If I Have an Idea For A Show On Regent Park Television?

Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre encourages young people, residents, groups and organizations who have ideas for a television or radio show for or about the community to contact us to discuss the possibilities of a partnership or co-production. Partnerships and co-productions help Regent Park Television (RPTV) diversify its programming, reach new audiences and gain new perspectives. We are particularly interested in partnering with cultural communities to develop multi-lingual programming. Keep in mind that a television show takes a considerable amount of resources to produce and while your idea may be a good one, Regent Park Focus may not have the resources to produce it without finding additional financial support or sponsorship. But do bring us your ideas and let’s talk about the possibilities. See here for more information about partnering with Regent Park Focus.

How can I sponsor a television show on Regent Park Television?

Financial contributions in the form of donations and/or sponsorships are incredibly important to the success of Regent Park Television (RPTV). You can sponsor any show currently in development for RPTV or talk to us about specific programming you’d like to help fund. For a sponsorship of $1,000 or more you will be acknowledged and credited as a broadcast sponsor of the show. Regent Park Focus also accepts donations and can issue charitable tax receipts through its trustee. Additionally we accept paypal donations online.

How Can I find out more information?

If you are interested in finding out more information contact FOCUS Media Arts Centre